This article was updated on September 7, 2023

Why I prioritize the Business Brokers of Florida website over other sources

The Business Brokers of Florida (BBF) website boasts a Multi Listing System (MLS), which mandates that member business brokers share their listings and participate in commission-sharing arrangements with other members. This platform has proven to be an invaluable resource for my business broker career in Florida, spanning a successful 10 years. Despite attempting to capitalize on offers from alternative platforms such as BizBuySell, BusinessForSale, and Loopnet, I have consistently found success solely through the BBFMLS.

Business Brokers of Florida

Advantages of BBF Multi Listing System (MLS)

The BBFMLS site is unique in that it exclusively lists businesses represented by professional business brokers. Gaining membership to the BBF is a rigorous process, requiring applicants to demonstrate their experience and skills in the field. Furthermore, members must adhere to a stringent ethical charter and follow established processes and guidelines for the industry. As a business broker and BBF member, I have access to detailed company information in the back office, enabling me to efficiently shortlist opportunities tailored to clients' needs. Over the years, I have built a solid reputation within the BBF network and have formed trusted working relationships with other brokers.

Comparing BBFMLS to Alternative Platforms

On the other hand, listings on sites like BizBuySell, BusinessForSale, and Loopnet can come from a variety of sources, which often results in inconsistent quality. For instance, business owners may list their companies themselves and have unrealistic expectations about their company's value, leading to difficult negotiations. They may also be skeptical of brokers representing buyers, believing they ask too many questions or overstep boundaries.

Challenges with Non-Specialized Listings

Additionally, real estate agents specializing in residential sales may list businesses on these sites. However, their expertise in selling houses does not necessarily translate to success in selling businesses. As an experienced business broker, I focus on selling businesses while my wife, Daphne, handles the residential real estate side of our agency. I have encountered instances where the incompetence of a residential real estate agent representing the other party has been a significant obstacle to a successful transaction. Unfortunately, the seller may never realize that their agent's incompetence was a contributing factor to the deal's failure.

As a result, listings on alternative platforms can often feature unrealistic or inconsistent valuations that do not adhere to industry norms and customs. In many cases, the financial figures provided lack coherence and cannot withstand basic analysis. This issue is particularly concerning for E2 visa applicants, as the quality of the business they acquire will directly impact the outcome of their application and their future life in the United States.

Ensuring Client Success through BBFMLS Opportunities

It's important to clarify that I do not outright dismiss cases that are listed simultaneously on BBFMLS and other platforms. In fact, as business brokers, we often post our listings on these alternative sites to increase their visibility and reach a wider audience.

When searching for an E2 visa business for sale in Florida, I will not entirely exclude these alternative sites, but I will prioritize the BBFMLS due to its proven track record of success and higher-quality opportunities. The BBFMLS has consistently proven to be a more reliable and trustworthy source for finding the right business opportunities for my clients, and I am committed to using this resource to ensure your success as well.

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