This article was updated on November 23, 2023

U.S. Extends E-Visa Duration to 48 Months for French Entrepreneurs

The article from Le Courrier des Amériques provides a detailed update on the recent change in the duration of E-1 and E-2 visas for French citizens in the United States. Initially, Christopher Weissberg, the Deputy for French Nationals in North America, announced that these visas, specifically designed for investors, will now be valid for 48 months, effective from November 16.

E2 visa 48 months for French citizens

Sylvain Perret, a French resident in Orlando who plays a key role in assisting businesses to establish in the U.S., expressed deep satisfaction with this development. Perret had been actively involved in raising awareness among officials and the administration about the previously shortened visa duration, which he found disappointing. He sees this extension as an immense relief and a return to normalcy.

He emphasizes that this achievement is the result of collaborative efforts from various groups: civil society, politicians from all political backgrounds, professionals, and the diplomatic sector. Perret particularly notes the significant impact this change will have on French entrepreneurs in the U.S. For new business ventures, having a four-year timeframe is crucial as it provides a more realistic period to establish a profitable business model and create employment opportunities, tasks that are notably challenging within a two-year period. Similarly, for those acquiring existing businesses, this extension offers more stability and reduces the pressure of achieving immediate success.

Overall, Perret expresses a sense of accomplishment and relief, not only for himself but for all French entrepreneurs in the U.S. who hold an E2 visa. The extended duration removes a significant hurdle, allowing these business owners to focus more on the growth and sustainability of their ventures without the looming pressure of a shorter visa term.

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