This article was updated on March 5, 2023

E2 Visa Business Plan Mistakes to Avoid: Tips from the Experts

Unrealistic Financial Projections

One of the most common mistakes we've seen in E2 visa business plans is unrealistic financial projections. This can include forecasting a revenue level that is completely disconnected from reality or using wrong ratios, tax rates, or depreciation periods. To avoid these errors, it's important to base your figures on a recognized source and ensure they are consistent. Dun & Bradstreet or Ibis World are good sources for industry average figures.

E2 visa business plan fails

Incomprehensible Tables

Consular officers have little time to review each E2 visa business plan, so it's crucial to make things easier for them with readable and understandable tables. Include an initial financing table, calculation of the break-even point, sales projections, projection of the number of employees and related expenses, income statement, and balance sheet. While you can be a little creative with the first two tables, the last two should be standard and follow accounting balances.

Avoid Templates and Copy and Paste

Each E2 visa business plan should be unique, even if the business is similar to others. Avoid using templates or copying and pasting from other plans. For example, we've seen a business plan for a pizza shop that suddenly starts talking about the car rental market in the middle of a paragraph. This kind of error can be a red flag for consular officers reviewing your plan.

Formal Errors

While the content is more important than the form, formal errors can still impact the credibility of your E2 visa business plan. Avoid using humor or irony and maintain a dynamic and professional tone throughout the plan.


Avoiding these common mistakes in your E2 visa business plan can greatly increase your chances of approval. At [Your Business Name], our experts have been writing successful E2 visa business plans since 2010. Contact us today to get started on your customized business plan.

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