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E2 Business Plan: How to secure your treaty investor visa?

If you’re considering applying for an E2 visa, having a solid business plan is crucial. A well-crafted E2 visa business plan not only helps demonstrate the viability of your business to immigration authorities, but it also serves as a roadmap for your company’s success. From outlining your business concept to detailing financial projections, a comprehensive E2 visa business plan is essential for showcasing your investment’s potential and your ability to create jobs for U.S. workers. Whether you’re starting a new venture or purchasing an existing business, a well-prepared business plan can significantly increase your chances of E2 visa approval.

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What is an E2 Visa?

An E2 visa allows you to live in the United States anywhere from a few months up to 5 years, depending on your home country’s treaty. This is contingent on you creating a new business or taking over an existing one that is located within the United States. The investment funds must be yours and considered a substantial amount. In addition, the E2 visa requires that this business provides sufficient income for you and your family to comfortably live on with no additional government assistance. The business must impact the US economy by creating or maintaining jobs.

The E2 visa application can be obtained by filing documentation with a U.S. embassy aboard, including a good immigration business plan. People who already have an immigration status in the US can apply for a change of status at the USCIS. Many investors choose to work with an immigration attorney throughout the process. Although this isn’t required, it’s recommended to limit the risk of refusal from the consular officers who will make the final decision.

Do I Need an immigration business plan for an E2 visa?

Yes, a business plan is a mandatory document in the E2 visa application process. The purpose of the plan is to show that the business is real, well-thought-out, and will make money. This document must demonstrate that your business will meet the E2 visa requirements.

Your plan also allows you to show the potential of your business if it hasn’t started yet and that it has the potential to earn enough money to support you and your family as well as your employees. This is critical when it comes to deciding your visa status.

Your plan also shows your ability, as the investor, to carry out the business and the impact it will have on the U.S. economy. Clear goals, market analysis, and defined operating plans will help in the decision-making process if you can effectively explain your position and qualifications.

What is the goal of an E2 Business Plan?

The ultimate goal of an E2 visa business plan is to convincingly demonstrate and convince the immigration officer that the applicant fulfills the key criteria set forth by the E2 visa program.


Firstly, the business plan must provide evidence that the applicant is investing a substantial amount of capital, ensuring the enterprise’s success and viability.


Secondly, it should highlight the applicant’s capability to effectively develop and direct the business, showcasing their relevant knowledge and experience in the chosen industry.


Lastly, the plan must emphasize that the proposed business will generate significant economic impact, ensuring it will not be marginal in nature.

By addressing these criteria, the E2 visa business plan aims to secure the applicant’s eligibility for the visa and contribute to the growth of the U.S. economy.

What Should Be Included in Your Plan?

There are a few components of your plan that are required to be remitted, including:

  • An executive summary
  • A funding plan
  • A sales projection table
  • A table that outlines upcoming jobs and salaries, a hiring plan including job descriptions
  • A table that shows how much income you make from the business
  • Projected income statements
  • Projected balance sheets

The financial projections are over a 5-year period. U.S. officials want to determine the longevity of your business and the income potential it provides for your family. Additionally, due to inflation and other economic events, your business income should be growing as your business expands into a new customer base. The financial statements should be realistic and accurate and include data from research and other companies in the same industry.

The general information about your business and operations will be included in a text section. This is followed by numerical data. If English isn’t your first language, or you are unfamiliar with the accounting principles needed to create the financial elements, you may want to contact a professional.

E2 Visa Business Plan Summary Example:

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Objectives
  3. Mission
  4. Keys to Success
  5. Company Summary
  6. Start-up Summary
  7. Products & Services
  8. Industry Analysis
  9. Local Market
  10. Competitors
  11. Competitive Edges
  12. Marketing Strategy
  13. Five-year Sales Forecast
  14. Personnel Plan
  15. Manager Profile
  16. Five-year Profit & Loss Projection
  17. Five-year Balance Sheet Projection
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The Critical Role of the Executive Summary in Your E2 Business Plan

The Executive Summary in your E2 Visa Business Plan is very important. It’s not just an introduction but a key part that can change the result of your visa application. Some immigration officers might only read this part. So, it’s crucial to make sure the Executive Summary is clear and detailed. It should quickly give the main ideas, important numbers, and show that the business meets the E2 visa needs. This approach makes sure that even a quick look gives all the needed information, increasing the chance of a positive response to your visa application.

Do I Need to Hire Someone to Write it?

Although it’s not mandatory that you hire someone to write the business plan, it can be beneficial. As we mentioned before, a strong business plan requires descriptions of your tables and operations. You must use the correct grammar, which can be difficult if your native language is different from English.

Additionally, there are extensive financial data that needs to be put together to create valid projections. Many current and prospective business owners are unfamiliar with the requirements of accounting standards, which leads them to create inaccurate reports. A plan that is poorly put together, does not match the immigration requirements, or contains mistakes can delay your application process, making it beneficial to work with an expert from the start.

Why Should I Have Professional Help Instead of Using an Online Template?

There are numerous online templates that you can use, but this increases your risk of failure. The immigration officer will realize if your plan is a copy from another project and can rule that your endeavor hasn’t been seriously studied. Each business plan must be unique and tailored to your specific situation. You want to follow all the applicable rules from the start to increase your chances of a smooth visa process with no dismissals.

Will a Business Plan Accurately Describe My Situation as an investor?

Your plan should be the most realistic version available, based on market analysis and the average ratios of each profession. Nevertheless, a business plan isn’t able to predict the future, meaning actual results may vary from the estimates and projections. Having an expert that works with you throughout the process can help create the most realistic version.

Owning Your E2 Business Plan: A Key to Visa Approval

For E2 visa applicants, knowing the ins and outs of your business plan is not just a requirement but a pathway to success. It’s essential to have a deep, comprehensive understanding and mastery of your business plan. You should be prepared to defend and explain any part of it confidently. The immigration officers may ask detailed questions about your plan to assess your knowledge and commitment to the proposed business. Making the business plan truly yours by internalizing every aspect of it not only demonstrates your readiness and dedication but also significantly enhances the credibility of your application, bolstering your chances for visa approval. Your ability to articulate and stand by every detail of your business plan is a testament to your capability to steer the business to success, a factor that is crucial for obtaining the E2 visa.

What is the Turnaround Time?

The turnaround time for a business plan depends on your communication level with your professional. We must know the activity, location, investment needs, and personnel to determine which market data to pull. Moreover, for some business plans, it’s possible to refer to sectoral averages, but the more precise your preliminary data, the more convincing the plan will be. Each immigration lawyer will come up with their own requirements, which is why we contact them at the beginning of the process to ensure compliance.

What is the Cost of an E-2 Business Plan?

The average cost of business plans for an E2 visa is between $1,600 to $3,500. However, a business plan with the experts at E2 Visa Consulting costs around $2,250 with no revision limits. We pride ourselves on offering you an affordable price with excellent quality.

Why is Working With E2 Visa Consulting Beneficial?

Our team at E2 Visa Consulting has over 13 years of experience preparing business plans for E2 visas. We have worked in numerous businesses and immigration services, giving us expertise in various industries. Furthermore, each plan we create is unique to your situation. Our team also opens communication lines throughout the process, allowing our clients to benefit from our experience in the United States and related fields, such as business broker, real estate broker, and professional financing specialist.

The financial forecast is always done by Sylvain Perret, the founder of E2 Visa Consulting, a business broker, and a former E2 visa holder himself, while the text part is elaborated by our writers, whose native language is U.S. English. These individuals work remotely throughout the United States and have their work checked by a specialized proofreader. We also include photos, charts, and colors to boost the reading of your business plan and improve your chances of success. You will benefit from unlimited revisions until you and your immigration lawyer are fully satisfied, whether you are planning to buy an existing business or create a new business venture. Reach out today to learn more.

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