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E2 Visa Case Study: A Running Shoes Store Purchase in Florida


In the realm of business and immigration, the E2 visa stands out as a beacon of opportunity for many international entrepreneurs. This non-immigrant visa allows individuals from treaty countries to enter and work in the United States based on an investment they will be controlling while living in the U.S. The case study of a couple from Italy, who transitioned from corporate executives to successful business owners of a running shoes store in Florida, exemplifies the potential for personal and professional transformation through the E2 visa pathway.

E2 Visa Case Study: A Running Shoes Store Purchase in Florida


The couple, both in their mid-40s, had spent over 15 years climbing the corporate ladder in Italy. Despite their successful careers, they yearned for a change—a venture that would align more closely with their passions and offer a new lifestyle in the United States. As sports enthusiasts, with him being a part-time fitness coach and her a former high-level basketball player, their love for athletics was not just a hobby but a way of life. Fluent in English, they were well-prepared for the challenge of moving abroad and starting a new business in an English-speaking country.

Journey Begins

The couple’s journey to entrepreneurship began when they reached out to us, a team of business brokers specializing in aiding E2 visa seekers. Understanding their background and aspirations, we embarked on a meticulous search for a business that would not only qualify them for the E2 visa but also resonate with their passions.

We explored various options, including a franchised second-hand sports equipment shop and several fitness studios, both independent and franchised. Each possibility was evaluated based on its potential to meet the visa requirements, profitability, and alignment with the couple’s interests and expertise.

Discovering the Ideal Business

The breakthrough came when we identified a specialized running shoe store for sale in Florida. This business had several compelling attributes that made it the perfect match for the couple:

  • Established Presence: The store had been operating in the same location for over a decade, boasting a loyal customer base and a solid reputation in the community.
  • Strong Financials: It presented very good financial statements, indicating a healthy, profitable operation.
  • Community Engagement: The business was highly involved in the local community, organizing running events and fostering a culture of fitness and wellness.
  • Effective Marketing: With robust marketing strategies in place, the store enjoyed visibility and brand recognition.
  • Smooth Negotiations: The seller, who was also the landlord, facilitated a seamless negotiation process for the lease agreement.
  • Immediate Connection: From the first meeting, it was clear that there was a perfect fit between the buyers and the seller, setting the stage for an ideal transaction.

The E2 Visa Application

With the business identified, we proceeded to assist the couple with their E2 visa application. The process involved detailing their investment, outlining the business plan, and demonstrating how their background and skills would contribute to the success of the enterprise in the U.S. Their substantial experience in corporate roles, combined with their athletic pursuits, positioned them as the ideal candidates to take over and grow the running shoe store.

A New Chapter in Florida

The couple’s E2 visa application was successful, paving the way for them to relocate to Florida and assume ownership of the running shoe store. The transition period between the seller and the buyers was exceptionally smooth, with the seller providing invaluable insights and training to ensure a seamless handover.

Success and Satisfaction

Today, the couple lives in Florida, where they have not only adapted to a new lifestyle but also thrived as business owners. The store continues to flourish under their management, with increased sales and expanded community engagement through more running events and sponsorships. Their story is a testament to the transformative potential of the E2 visa, allowing them to pursue their passion for sports and fitness in a new country.

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Sylvain Perret

Sylvain Perret is a business professional who has been living in the United States since 2010. Along with his wife Daphnee, he has established several businesses in the country, including Integrity International Brokers, an agency based in Orlando where he works as a business broker, real estate broker, business consultant, and business plan writer. Over the years, he has helped numerous clients from around the world achieve success in their projects to create or take over a company in the United States with an E2 visa. He is highly knowledgeable about U.S. immigration issues and is the author of the book "S'expatrier aux USA grâce aux visas d'entrepreneurs", which is soon to be translated into English. Sylvain is also a Certified Business Intermediary (CBI) by the International Business Brokers Association and is regularly consulted on issues related to this field. At the age of 50, Sylvain chose to enhance his expertise in finance and strategy by pursuing a Master of Business Administration from the University of Central Florida. He successfully graduated in May 2023, adding a valuable finishing touch to his knowledge. He is active on LinkedIn and Twitter, where he shares his insights and experiences with a wider audience.

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