This article was updated on March 23, 2023

E2 Visa is only a Key to Enter the United States

E2 Visa - Your Ticket to the USA

The E2 visa is a unique type of non-immigrant visa that provides entrepreneurs and investors the opportunity to enter the United States and establish a business. It is often referred to as the key to enter the USA. However, there are a few essential aspects you must understand to ensure you can make the most of this opportunity.

E2 visa is only a key

Investing in a Sustainable Business is Crucial

To qualify for an E2 visa, you must buy or create a business that generates enough income to support you and your family while living in the US. This is an essential requirement, as you must demonstrate that the business will contribute to the American economy and provide you with a stable source of income. Therefore, careful planning and research into the type of business you want to establish is necessary.

Passion Matters - Enjoy What You Do

While financial success is vital, it's equally important to enjoy what you do. Pursuing your passion will not only improve your chances of success, but also enhance your overall experience while living and working in the United States. Therefore, take the time to consider your interests and skills and how they can translate into a viable business opportunity. Aligning your passion with your enterprise will make the entire process more fulfilling and rewarding.

E2 Visa Limitations - Understanding the Boundaries

Though the E2 visa grants you entry into the USA, it is crucial to understand its limitations. It is not a direct path to citizenship, and thus, you must renew your visa periodically to maintain your legal status. Additionally, once your children turn 21, they must secure their own visas to continue residing in the country.

Exploring Alternative Visa Options for Children

As your children approach the age of 21, they should explore alternative visa options to ensure they can remain in the United States legally. This may involve obtaining a student visa (F-1) for pursuing higher education, an employment-based visa (H-1B, L-1, or O-1), or even seeking sponsorship for a green card.


The E2 visa offers entrepreneurs and investors the opportunity to chase the American Dream. It is the key to enter the USA, but it's essential to be aware of its limitations. Establishing a sustainable and enjoyable business is crucial to making the most of this opportunity. Furthermore, understanding the visa's boundaries and planning for the future, especially for your children, is vital to ensure a smooth and successful journey in the United States. By taking the necessary steps to meet the requirements and embracing the challenges that come with this unique visa category, you can build a thriving business and create a rewarding life in the land of opportunity.

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