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E2 Visa Countries: Comprehensive Guide


Introduction to the E2 Visa

The E2 visa is a non-immigrant visa designed for foreign entrepreneurs and investors who want to start or manage a business in the United States. The E2 visa allows individuals from treaty countries to live and work in the US while contributing to its economy. This visa offers an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs to tap into the world’s largest market and expand their business operations. In this article, we will delve into the countries that have an E2 visa treaty with the USA, providing a comprehensive list and discussing some notable examples.

Comprehensive List of E2 Visa Treaty Countries

The United States has signed E2 visa treaties with numerous countries around the world. Some of these countries include Argentina, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and many more. A complete list of E2 visa treaty countries can be found on the U.S. Department of State’s website.

Notable E2 Visa Treaty Countries


Australia is a popular E2 visa treaty country due to its strong economic ties with the United States. The E2 visa allows Australian entrepreneurs to establish businesses in various sectors, including technology, healthcare, education, and finance. The United States and Australia have maintained a longstanding relationship, which has been further strengthened by the Australia-United States Free Trade Agreement (AUSFTA) signed in 2004.


Canadian entrepreneurs and investors benefit greatly from the E2 visa program, as the close proximity and strong economic relationship between the United States and Canada facilitate cross-border business operations. The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), replaced by the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) in 2020, has played a significant role in fostering trade and investment between the two countries.


Japan is another important E2 visa treaty country, with many Japanese entrepreneurs and investors taking advantage of the program to expand their businesses in the United States. Japanese investors often focus on sectors such as automotive, electronics, and manufacturing, contributing significantly to the US economy.

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has a long-standing E2 visa treaty with the United States, allowing British entrepreneurs and investors to establish and manage businesses across various sectors. The strong cultural and economic ties between the two countries make the United States an attractive destination for British business owners seeking international expansion.


Germany is a key E2 visa treaty country, with a robust economic partnership with the United States. German entrepreneurs and investors can leverage the E2 visa program to enter various industries, such as renewable energy, automotive, biotechnology, and engineering. The United States and Germany share strong economic ties, with many American companies operating in Germany and vice versa. This close relationship fosters a supportive environment for German business owners seeking to expand their operations in the US market.

E2 Visa Countries: Full list

CountryDurationDate of agreement
Albania3 YearsJanuary 4, 1998
Argentina5 YearsDecember 20, 1854
Armenia5 YearsMarch 29, 1996
Australia4 YearsDecember 27, 1991
Austria5 YearsMay 27, 1931
Azerbaijan3 MonthsAugust 2, 2001
Bahrain3 MonthsMay 30, 2001
Bangladesh3 MonthsJuly 25, 1989
Belgium5 YearsOctober 3, 1963
Bosnia and Herzegovina1 YearNovember 15, 1982
Bulgaria5 YearsJune 2, 1954
Cameroon1 YearApril 6, 1989
Canada5 YearsJanuary 1, 1994
Chile5 YearsJanuary 1, 2004
China (Taiwan)5 YearsNovember 30, 1948
Colombia5 YearsJune 10, 1948
Congo (Brazzaville)3 MonthsAugust 13, 1994
Congo (Kinshasa)3 MonthsJuly 28, 1989
Costa Rica5 YearsMay 26, 1852
Croatia5 YearsNovember 15, 1982
Czech Republic5 YearsJanuary 1, 1993
Denmark5 YearsDecember 10, 2008
Egypt3 MonthsJune 27, 1992
Estonia5 YearsFebruary 16, 1997
Ethiopia6 MonthsOctober 8, 1953
Finland2 YearsDecember 1, 1992
France2 YearsDecember 21, 1960
Germany5 YearsJuly 14, 1956
Grenada5 YearsMarch 3, 1989
Honduras5 YearsJuly 19, 1928
Ireland5 YearsNovember 18, 1992
Israel2 YearsMay 1, 2019
Italy5 YearsJuly 26, 1949
Jamaica5 YearsMarch 7, 1997
Japan5 YearsOctober 30, 1953
Jordan3 MonthsDecember 17, 2001
Kazakhstan1 YearJanuary 12, 1994
Kosovo1 YearNovember 15, 1882
Kyrgyzstan3 MonthsJanuary 12, 1994
Latvia5 YearsDecember 26, 1996
Liberia1 YearNovember 21, 1939
Lithuania1 YearNovember 22, 2001
Luxembourg5 YearsMarch 28, 1963
Macedonia5 YearsNovember 15, 1982
Mexico1 YearJanuary 1, 1994
Moldova3 MonthsNovember 25, 1994
Mongolia3 YearsJanuary 1, 1997
Montenegro1 YearNovember 15, 1882
Morocco5 YearsMay 29, 1991
Netherlands5 YearsDecember 5, 1957
New Zealand5 YearsJune 10, 2019
Norway5 YearsJanuary 18, 1928
Oman6 MonthsJune 11, 1960
Pakistan5 YearsFebruary 12, 1961
Panama5 YearsMay 30, 1991
Paraguay5 YearsMarch 07, 1860
Philippines5 YearsSeptember 6, 1955
Poland1 YearAugust 6, 1994
Portugal5 yearsDecember, 2022
Romania5 YearsJanuary 15, 1994
Senegal1 YearOctober 25, 1990
Serbia1 YearNovember 15, 1882
Singapore2 YearsJanuary 1, 2004
Slovak Republic2 YearsJanuary 1, 1993
Slovenia5 YearsNovember 15, 1982
South Korea5 YearsNovember 7, 1957
Spain5 YearsApril 14, 1903
Sri Lanka3 YearsMay 1, 1993
Suriname5 YearsFebruary 10, 1963
Sweden2 YearsFebruary 20, 1992
Switzerland4 YearsNovember 08, 1855
Thailand6 MonthsJune 8, 1968
Togo3 YearsFebruary 5, 1967
Trinidad & Tobago5 YearsDecember 26, 1996
Tunisia5 YearsFebruary 7, 1993
Turkey5 YearsMay 18, 1990
Ukraine3 MonthsNovember 16, 1996
United Kingdom5 YearsJuly 03, 1815
E2 visa countries map
E2 visa countries

Benefits of the E2 Visa

The E2 visa offers numerous benefits for entrepreneurs and investors from treaty countries, such as:

  1. Flexible investment requirements: There is no minimum investment amount for the E2 visa, but the investment must be substantial and sufficient to ensure the successful operation of the enterprise.
  2. Spousal employment authorization: E2 visa holders’ spouses can apply for work authorization in the United States, allowing them to work in any field.
  3. Extended visa validity: The E2 visa can be granted for up to five years and can be renewed indefinitely as long as the business continues to operate and meet the visa requirements.
  4. No direct path to permanent residency: While the E2 visa does not provide a direct path to a green card, it allows investors to maintain their legal status in the United States while exploring other options for permanent residency.


The E2 visa is an attractive option for entrepreneurs and investors from treaty countries who wish to establish or manage businesses in the United States. With a wide range of countries having E2 visa treaties with the USA, individuals from diverse backgrounds can take advantage of this opportunity to expand their businesses and contribute

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