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E2 Visa Business Buyers Assistance

Since 2010, E2 Visa Consutling has been helping people from around the world purchase U.S. businesses that meet the criteria for an E2 visa. Our team of experienced professionals, led by founder and broker Sylvain Perret, guides clients through every step of the process – from initial assessment to determine the right business, to securing E2 visa approval, all the way to the closing table.

As members of the International Business Brokers Association and Business Brokers of Florida, we adhere to the highest standards in the industry. Sylvain Perret is a Certified Business Intermediary, having completed extensive training on business valuations, financing, and negotiations.

We assemble a team including immigration lawyers, business lawyers, and CPAs to ensure a smooth transaction and secure E2 status. Over the past decade, we have assisted dozens of international buyers in realizing their dream of owning a business and living in the United States.

Our expertise has been recognized globally through conferences on the E2 visa business buying process in several countries. Sylvain Perret has also authored a book on the E2 visa, soon to be published in English, further solidifying our status as leaders in this niche area. Whether you’re searching for a proven path to an E2 visa or simply want the best guidance on buying a U.S. business, choose E2 Visa Business Buyers Assistance.


E2 Visa Business Plan Writing

With 15 years of experience assessing business plans for a major European bank, Sylvain Perret leads our experienced team in crafting customized plans that meet E2 visa requirements.

After moving to the U.S. and impressing an immigration lawyer with his own comprehensive plan, Sylvain was asked to prepare plans for the lawyer’s clients seeking E2 status. Since then, he has written hundreds of successful plans through E2 Visa Consulting.

Although we have a talented team, Sylvain personally oversees each project, conducting initial assessments and overseeing financial projections. We tailor each plan to the client’s unique business concept and the requirements of the specific embassy where it will be submitted.

As business owners ourselves, we focus on creating realistic roadmaps, not just paperwork to secure a visa. Unrealistic projections could jeopardize future renewals. Our plans outline a feasible path that sets you up for ongoing success in your new American enterprise.

With deep expertise gained from real-world banking experience, let us prepare a customized business plan that checks all the boxes for E2 visa approval. We’ll position you for success on paper so you can achieve your dreams in reality.


E2 Visa Consulting Services

Our expertise goes beyond E2 visa business brokerage and business plan preparation. We offer comprehensive consulting services to set you up for success in launching your U.S. business:

Our team has decades of combined experience navigating the complex E2 landscape. Whether you need an entire business plan or help with one component, we offer customized guidance to give your visa application and U.S. business venture the best chance of success. Contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Disclaimer - We are not lawyers


We are not attorneys, and our services are not intended to substitute for legal counsel. Since our inception in 2010, each project we have engaged in has included collaboration with an immigration attorney. While your lawyer will provide you with expert legal guidance, our role is to advise you on aspects of business acquisition, development of business plans, and formulation of strategic business initiatives. We have a history of productive partnerships with numerous attorneys and are prepared to collaborate with yours as well. Upon request, we are also happy to provide referrals.

We strongly recommend that you select legal representation with whom you feel utmost confidence and comfort. An attorney is a crucial member of your advisory team, alongside your business broker, Certified Public Accountant (CPA), and business attorney.

To our colleagues in legal practice: if you are interested in partnering with E2 Visa Consulting, we invite you to reach out to us via our contact form.

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