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Meet Sylvain Perret: E2 Visa Expert, Business Broker, Consultant, Author.

Sylvain has been working in the E2 visa field since 2010, providing guidance and support for individuals and businesses looking to relocate to the USA through the creation or takeover of a company. Having been a type E visa holder himself between 2010 and 2015, he understands the advantages and disadvantages of this type of visa. He has extensive experience and knowledge of the visa application process and is often asked about the criteria for visa renewal based on the applicant’s business, providing valuable insights on this matter.

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An E2 visa is like having a golden ticket to the USA; it's your key to unlocking the door and beginning an exciting new journey.
Sylvain Perret

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Our History

In 2009, my spouse and I, with our three children, decided to settle in the United States. We looked into several options and chose the E2 visa as our best route. We consulted multiple lawyers, eventually partnering with one who shared our values. She highlighted the importance of a business plan for our E2 visa application. Having been a business loan analyst for 15 years, I volunteered to write our plan. Our lawyer agreed to review it for suitability.

I dedicated two weeks to develop the business plan, including market analysis and financial projections. After sending it to our attorney, she responded within two days, highly praising it and asking if I could write business plans for her firm. This led to the birth of E2VisaConsulting!


Since 2010, Sylvain wrote hundreds of business plans for immigration cases at the request of various immigration law firms.


In 2013, he became a business broker specializing in transactions involving the sale of existing businesses, utilizing his knowledge of the immigration process to specialize in transactions involving visa applications. Sylvain ensures that a visa contingency clause is included in all transactions to protect the buyer in case of visa denial.


In 2015, Sylvain created Integrity International Brokers, LLC (dba Objectif USA & E2 Visa Consulting), an organization that provides guidance and support to individuals and businesses looking to relocate to the United States through the formation or acquisition of a company. As a consultant, he provides advice on various topics at the request of visa holders or immigration lawyers. Sylvain is married to Daphnée, who plays a central role in Integrity International Brokers, specifically in charge of the real estate aspect of the business.


With a financial background and university degrees in accounting and finance from France, Sylvain also has extensive knowledge in finance and business analysis. In 2023, he graduated with a Master of Business Administration from University of Central Florida, a prestigious AACSB accredited institution. Throughout his career, he has worked closely with companies and entrepreneurs, with some of the businesses he has worked with going public.

Consultant & Author

Sylvain is also an author, having written in French “S’expatrier aux États-Unis grâce aux visas d’entrepreneurs”, a comprehensive guide that covers all aspects of the immigration process. Additionally, Sylvain is an avid runner and regularly participates in half-marathons.

Sylvain is also a Certified Business Intermediary (CBI) by the International Business Brokers Association and is regularly consulted on issues related to this field. He is active on LinkedIn and Twitter, where he shares his insights and experiences with a wider audience.

Sylvain and Daphnée prioritize building strong relationships with their clients and recognize the importance of the human dimension in immigration cases. They believe that establishing a good rapport with clients is essential to the success of a file. If you are looking to relocate to the United States through the creation or takeover of a company, Sylvain and Daphnée are here to guide you through the process.


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